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Our Documents

Corporate Documents

Corporate Plan 2018-2022 | PDF 272KB

NMHC Grants 2017 | PDF 102KB

Annual Report 2017-18 | PDF 19MB

Operating Principles | PDF 122KB

Executive Remuneration 2017-18 | PDF 92KB

Senate Order on Grants 2017-18 PDF 92KB

Senate Order on Contracts FY 2017-18 | PDF 80KB


Paid Participation Policy | PDF 571KB | Word 958KB

Complaints Policy

Workplace Diversity

Freedom of Information Disclosure Log (FOI)

Public Interest Disclosure Guidelines

Our Enterprise Agreement

NMHC Enterprise Agreement 2017-2020


Department of Health Portfolio budgets 

Archived documents

The Australian Government tasked the Commission to undertake a national review of mental health services and programmes in 2014.

Prior to 2014, we produced two annual National Report Cards on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

The following documents reflect our work prior to 2016:

Annual Report 2016-17 | PDF 4.3MB

Annual Report 2015-16 | PDF 2.07MB

Prime Minister's Statement of Expectations -2011 | PDF 361KB

CEO's Statement of Intent - 2012 | PDF 412KB

Communication Objectives and Actions for 2012 | PDF 284KB

Corporate Plan 2015-19 | PDF 756KB | WORD 276KB

Corporate Plan 2016-2020 |PDF 272KB

2014-2015 Annual report | PDF. 11.4MB

2013-2014 Annual Report PDF 1.8MB | WORD 5.5MB

2012-2013 Annual Report | PDF 2MB | RTF 4MB

2011-2012 Annual Report | PDF 1578KB

Strategic Priorities 2014 - 15 PDF 95KB

Work Plan 2013 - 2014  | PDF 1807KB

Work Plan 2015-16 | PDF 504KB | WORD 352KB

Communications Framework | PDF 1295KB

Participation and Engagement Framework | PDF 2048KB

The Commission In Brief - Brochure | PDF 232KB 

NMHC Grants | PDF 72KB

Register of Interests | PDF 148KB

Senate Order on Contracts CY 2016  | View on Austender

Senate Order on Contracts 2011-2012 | PDF 249KB

Senate Order on Contracts 2012-2013 | PDF 199KB

Senate Order on Contracts FY 2013-2014 | PDF 524KB

Senate Order on Contracts Calendar Year 2014 | PDF 362KB

Senate Order on Contracts Calendar Year 2015 | PDF 80KB

Senate Order on Grants FY 2015-16 | PDF 12KB

Note: For screen readers and other assistive technologies, some of these documents are not fully accessible. Accessible versions will be added where appropriate as soon as possible. Please contact us for assistance if required.

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Corporate Plan 2018-2022 | PDF 95KB

Paid Participation Policy | PDF 571KB  

Annual Report 2017-18 | PDF 18.6MB

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