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The National Mental Health Commission is connecting with all Australians on the 2030 Vision for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

We are stretching our thinking to envisage the long-term future when Australians at risk of, or experiencing, mental health concerns and suicidality can access a connected and well-functioning system.


The Connections project launched on 1st July 2019 as a national conversation about the future of mental health and suicide prevention in Australia. Connections involved the Commission coming to connect with people in their community to understand their personal experiences of mental health and wellbeing to inform a shared 2030 Vision for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. We understand everyone’s experience of the mental health system is different, as are communtities, so we travelled far and wide to hear about your particular triumphs and challenges. We asked questions such as; What are the barriers you have experienced in trying to get help? What has made a difference for you?

As part of Connections, the Commission visited 26 communities across Australia to hold Town Hall meetings of which anyone with a living experience of mental health; consumers, carers, families and those organisations which provide support and care, were invited to attend. We also launched an online survey to allow all Australians to contribute to the conversation and 2030 Vision.

Stay Connected

Each community, and each person experiences life differently, and needs help and support in different ways, sometimes at different times of their lives. We are keen to continue learning from you about your experience of the current system to shape a 2030 Vision for Australia's mental health and wellbeing. 

There are a number of ways you can stay involved:

  • Click on the interactive map below to see when the Commission visited each town or city in Australia.
  • Download snapshots from each community we have visited by hovering over the interactive map
  • Share your feedback on the 2030 Vision (coming soon)
  • Join in the conversation online by using the hashtag #ConnectingWithYou


The Connections story

Australian Aboriginal artist Bibi Barba, from the Durumal/Woka Woka people, embodies the Connections story with a squiggly line and dots that represent all Australian people from different backgrounds that have come together in harmony to talk and yarn with each other about mental health in each community.

Each colour used respectively represents as follows:

  • Orange ochre for the land on which we stand united together.
  • Red Brown colour for the people from all background regardless of nationality.
  • Blue colour for the calmness in dealing with mental health.

More Information

If you would like more information or have a question about Connections please email

Need Support?

If this has raised any issues for you support is always available from:


Have Your Say

Anyone with a living experience of mental health; consumers, carers, families and those organisations which provide support and care, are invited to share their stories and their experiences in relation to mental health, suicide prevention and wellbeing through our online consultation. This survey has now closed. Opportunity for further input on the 2030 Vision will be coming shortly.

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