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Minutes 15 December, Teleconference

National Mental Health Commission Meeting
15 December, Teleconference


Commission Attendees
Professor Allan Fels AO Chair
Mr David Butt Chief Executive Officer and ex-officio Commissioner
Mrs Lucinda Brogden Mental Health Commissioner
Ms Jackie Crowe Mental Health Commissioner

Professor Pat Dudgeon

Mental Health Commissioner

Professor Ian Hickie AM

Mental Health Commissioner

Mr Rob Knowles AO

Mental Health Commissioner
Commission Staff

Ms Jane Moxon

Director, Policy, Strategy and Projects
Ms Trinette Kinsman
Communications Manager
Ms Ashleigh Mills A/Manager Report Card Development
Mr Tom Abbott Senior Policy and Project Officer
Mr Peter McDermott Project Officer and Secretariat
Ms Nicole Gibson Mental Health Commissioner
Hon Dr Kay Patterson Mental Health Commissioner


Item 1 Welcome and Apologies

Chair Professor Allan Fels welcomed Commissioners and staff. An apology was noted for Commissioners Ms Nicole Gibson and the Hon Dr Kay Patterson.

Item 2 Preliminaries

2.1 Register of Interests

No changes to the Register of Interests were noted.

2.2 Previous Minutes and Actions Arising

The draft Minutes of the Commission meeting on 19 November were APPROVED without amendments and the Actions Arising were NOTED.

Item 3 CEO Update

Mr David Butt gave an update to the Commissioners including:

- The Australian Government’s response to Contributing Lives, Thriving Communities, the Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services.

- What the response means for the work of the Commission.

- The key areas the Commission is tasked to focus on, including:

  • Monitoring and data collection in relation to reform activities and monitoring national activities emerging from the development and implementation of the Fifth National Mental Health Plan;
  • Continue consumer and carer engagement, with an expanded focus on reform implementation and supporting the Government’s commitment to enhancing opportunities for consumer and carer participation;
  • Strengthening its role supporting collaboration between organisations undertaking mental health research and supporting translation of research into policy and practice;
  • Provide evidence based advice on specific issues including suicide prevention and other issues requiring cross sectoral or cross agency input;
  • Provide an advisory function on suicide prevention.

Commissioners discussed the future role and work of the Commission in the context of the Government’s reforms.

Item 4 Commissioner Updates

Commissioners gave an update on the work they have been doing:

  • Professor Pat Dudgeon updated the Commission on the work of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership in Mental Health group.
  • Mrs Lucy Brogden updated the Commission on the 2015 Stop Domestic Violence Conference where she presented on Domestic Violence, Childhood Trauma and Mental illness in our Communities.

Item 5 Next Meeting

The next meeting of the National Mental Health Commission will be on 2 and 3 February in Adelaide.

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